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I’v spent the greater part of this week trying to figure out how to make training pants from a prefold diaper, then the greater part of the afternoon drafting a pattern and working it out.  By golly I think I have it!  here is the tutorial

One prefold diaper for the inside (i used a premium size diaper)
pul or fabric of choice for the outside
piece of ribbed fabric for the band
elastic (enough to go around both legs and waist
pattern (I used the Wee Weka pattern found here http://www.thenappynetwork.org.nz/images/WeeWeka_Knickers.pdf)
Step 1
Cut your Pul (or other fabric) from the pattern.  I made mine a little wider than the pattern called for, and I also added a little extra around legs because I wanted the pul to wrap around to the inside to prevent any wicking (more about this later)
Step 2
Trace your pattern onto your prefold.  Do not add any extra around legs this time, but otherwise cut just as you did for the pul piece.
Notice  in the picture for  step # 4  how the fabric is cut slightly narrower on the prefold than it is on the pul piece of the trainer.
Step 3
Using a regular 5/8 seam allowance sew legs as shown, making sure to line up the fabric (this is a little tricky since we cut them slightly different here, but you can do it.  make sure you catch all layers here.
Step 4.
Mark each leg in about 3/4″ in from the corner ( I used a pin, but you can use what ever you like)  I also took this picture before I did step #3, but you get the idea
Step 5
Now you are going to measure from one mark (or pin) to the other and than subtract one inch.  This is the length of elastic you are going to use for the legs.  Tack it down at both marks you made as so
Step 6
Your almost done!  Now turn right side out and it should look something like this
Step 7
Now follow this one closely.  You are going to pin right sides together where the trainer is going to meet at the sides.  I can’t really explain it any better that that, but here is a picture
Notice the “hole” in the center, and how you can see the elastic sort of loop through the legs.  Match up the sides paying attention where the two different fabrics meet, making sure to line things up nice and even.
This is what you should have when you turn it so the prefold is on the inside and the waterproof layer is facing out.
Step 8  Cut your ribbed fabric for the waistband.  I sorta guess at this one.   I measure the trainer and make the band a few inches smaller.  I also cut a piece of elastic that is a further inch or two smaller and with right sides together along the narrow end of the band sew the side of the band, with the elastic just slightly off center (the picture makes more sense that my words do 😛
Now fold it wrong sides together and you should be ready to sew it on the trainer.  Mark it into quarters, and also mark the trainer into quarters.   Line everything up and with a stretchstitch sew the band on your trainer.  If you have a serger you might want to clean up the edge of the trainer before you sew on your band.
See how the pul layer folds in a tiny bit towards the crotch.
Hope this is useful to anyone who might want to give it a try.  Make sure to post pictures of any finished products, and Feel free to link my tutorial to any of your sites

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