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I was talking with a friend the other day and the topic turned to our children and how our parenting styles change as we mature, gain experience and get more comfortable with being responsible for another human being.  I can remember bring home my first baby almost 9 years ago and having nothing else to do other than sit and stare at her.  Every time she demanded I was there to appease.  I was there to appease before she demanded.  My first born baby has grown into a cautious child.  She is not daring, not very independent, and always asks before she acts on something.

5 years ago my second was born.  I didn’t have the same amount of time I did with my first.  I spent more time sitting back and watching, and less time jumping in and “rescuing”.  DD#2 does not take no for an answer.  If I tell her to hold on a minute, she finds a way to figure it out on her own.  She is a firecracker.  She is a confident child, always getting into trouble, always pushing the limits.

My youngest daughter is now nearly 2 years old.  I have a much more laid back parenting style than I did 9 years ago.  My baby eats sand at the park and I don’t freak out.  She paints, plays in water, gets grass stains, puts playdough in her mouth  and colors with markers.  If it won’t hurt her I let her do it.  I let her make mistakes, and if she asks for help, I help her.  I’m excited to watch her grow and develop and see what personality style she will have.


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I have been interested in (my husband would say obsessed with) making toys for young children.  I especially like to make toys made from organic fabrics, like organic cotton and hemp.  I love the way bamboo feels, but I think it is a “sneaky” green fabric.  Ever wonder how that hard woody stalk of bamboo turns into soft silky fabric???  Not as “green” as one might be led by manufactures to believe……I do enjoy working with it though.  It’s my guilty little pleasure!

Here is a little guy I made for a “Mom 2 Mom” sale a few months ago.  He is made of bamboo fleece and organic cotton and stuffed with raw cotton batting.

This started out as an organic cotton baby blanket.  I love to find second hand items that I can reuse and make into something new.

This Minky lamb is one of my favorites.  She is so soft.

bamboo and organic cotton bunny.  This one makes me smile.  Such a funny little guy.

This bunny is made of organic hemp fleece and organic cotton.

These patterns were found on the net somewhere.  If anyone is interested I could try to find them again

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When Mason is 10 he’s going to make money washing the dishes and grocery shopping, only problem is I’ll have to buy him a scooter, since he won’t be old enough to drive a car.  Out of the mouth of a 4 year old.

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A stomach bug has been spreading through my house like wildfire this week.  First my 5 year old got it, then it hit me and my oldest.  Now my husband is sick.  Hoping the baby doesn’t get this.  Isn’t it interesting how when a “man get’s sick” all he has to do is, well, be “sick”.  Not us double X chromosome super heros.  Oh no, when we are sick we still have to make sure our children are fed, that the pukey blankets make it into the wash, that diapers are changed, and children are bathed.  When we are sick the world doesn’t stop for a while until we feel better like it does for a man.  Our children wouldn’t survive if we got “sick like a man does”

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